IMPERIUM DEKADENZ - Dis Manibvs / BLACK 2-LP Gatefold

release date: Aug 26, 2016

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LP 1
1. In todesbanden
2. Only fragments of light
3. Still i rise
4. Dis manibvs
5. Pantheon spells
LP 2
1. Vae victis
2. Volcano
3. Somnia
4. Pure nocturnal rome
5. Seikilos



Vae victis! Woe to the vanquished! IMPERIUM DEKADENZ hail from Germany’s Black Forest, where the Roman Empire clashed, conquered, and finally fell against first Celtic and later Germanic tribes. Its impenetrable, murky, and mysterious fog ridden woods and harsh landscapes have given rise to a dark romanticism that even imbues the works of this band with deep roots in Nordic black metal. IMPERIUM DEKADENZ break new ground with their forthcoming masterpiece 'Dis Manibvs', an album that has the potential to unite traditional as well as progressive black metal adherents together in well-deserved praise – which would mark an astonishing achievement in itself.


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