HADES - Live On Location / CD Re-Release

release date: Apr 1, 2011

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1. The Leaders?
2. King In Exile
3. On To Iliad
4. In The Meantime
5. Opinionate !
6. Rebel Without A Brain
7. "A"
8. Rape Of Persephone
9. The Cross
10. Face The Fat Reality
11. I Too Eye
12. Aftermath Of Betrayal
13. Nightstalker
14. M.E.S. (Technical Difficulties)
15. Diplomatic Immunity
16. Deter My Nation
17. Not A Part Of Your Life
18. Bete’ Noir
19. Gamblin’ With Your Life



Re-Release of the US Metal Classic from 1991 Remastered + 6 Unreleased Bonus Tracks, Fully Revised and Modified Booklet incl. Extensive Linernotes and tons of great, never before seen pictures.


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